Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thing 23

Now this is bizarre. I entered my post for Thing 22 yesterday, November 29, 2010. I see today that it is dated June 30, 2010. Clearly I have a past life. Anyway, I only noticed because I wanted to note how long it has been since I was working on this. The last post was 6/29/10, just prior to the major shake-up of the library staff. I have not had a chance to get back to this before now. Since we are about to lose the staff we got from Gaithersburg's closing, I am guessing that this is my last chance to finish.

I just re-read my posts and wish they didn't sound so negative. The overall experience has been a good one, overwhelming but good. I think that I will probably explore Google.docs more because I think it has the most potential to help our customers who don't have flash drives. I would like to get back to Flicker and see what I can do there.

Actually, I would like to review most of 23 Things again. Practice is the key, I know. For the time being, I intend to spend time exploring the library's webpage which has changed dramatically in the last year, taking advantage of many of the 23 Things.

One of the questions that Thing 23 wanted addressed was how the experience could be improved. I found it very difficult to get started. I think the design assumed a level of "exploration" experience, if you will. Once I realized how to navigate the instructions, I was much more comfortable with the whole process. Also, it was easier when I realized that there wasn't a "right" way to do something. Guess that's why it's called learning.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thing 22

I chose to explore Overdrive. The tutorial was helpful. When I explored titles, I found that most of the new fiction titles were checked out. It was helpful to have the choice to click on "always available" content. I like the automatic function of return and the explanation of the "Overdrive Media Console". Patrons are always asking "How does it disappeare?" Now, I have a sense of it even though I am sure I couldn't expain it in detail.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thing 21

OK. I found a podcast that I thought would be interesting and I tried to add the RSS feed to my BlogLines account but was unsuccessful. This doesn't seem to be a medium that speaks to my brain.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thing 20

When I was exploring YouTube I decided to see if there was anything available about Germantown. The video that I added to my blog is a 360 degree video near the library and Blackrock. It's a little grainy but it does give you a sense of the place.

I haven't explored YouTube in the past so I enjoyed finding the variety that is there. I liked the presentation in Yahoo better, though.

I have often thought that the Library doesn't promote our databases enough. It occurs to me that we could use videos on our home page to show people the wealth of information that is theirs: show them how to search the databases and catalog and/or give tours of the libraries. Truly the possibilities are endless.

Thing 20

Thing 17

Well, I tried to go to Maryland Libraries Sandbox. Not found. I signed in with PB Works but still no Maryland Libraries Sandbox. Once again I am confused.

Still confused I googled Maryland Libraries Sandbox and came up with the following: http://notatech.wordpress.com/2009/05/18/maryland-libraries-sandbox-wiki-email-issues/

I am definitely in over my head.

thing 19

From the Web 2.0 Awards List, I chose Yelp.com which was rated 1st in "Guides & Reviews". It was set up as a "word of mouth" site where a person can "find, review and talk about what's great - and not so great in your area." I, of course, searched Germantown and found reviews of most of the restaurants I frequent and also reviews of the Germantown and the Rockville Libraries. I was irritated by one of the reviews of GT Lib. I'm not sure how useful a site it is at present but if more people posted to it it could serve as a sounding board and discussion site that might be helpful to businesses and consumers alike.